SHOTS IN ACTION.......1965-6 - 1968-9
1960-1 - 1964-5 here
Shots 2 Chester 2, D4 October 9th
Shots 2 Lincoln C 0, D4 October 23rd
Alan Burton scoring one of a brace against Chester
Bobby Howfield in full flight
Shots 2 Torquay U 1, FAC 1rd Nov 26th; Att: 7,160
Shots 1 Reading 0, FAC 2rd Jan 16th: Att: 16,801
Jack Howarth buries the Shots first goal
Shots put one over the 'Old Enemy'
Shots 0 Brighton 0, FAC 3rd Jan 28th 1st: Att: 12,208
Shots 4 Notts County 1, D4 Feb 25th
Brighton keeper saves... Shots foiled again
Two each from Howarth & Howfield undo County
Shots 1 Swansea T 1, D4 Oct 7th
Shots 0 Exeter C 0, D4 Dec 26th
A Ronnie Walton header...I think!
No Boxing Day present for the Shots
Shots 3 Wrexham 1, D4 Oct 21st
Shots 1 Bradford Park Avenue 1, D4 Nov 18th
Ron Rafferty goes in with purpose!
Jack Howarth diving header...but Peter Kearns gets

the Shots goal

Shots 0 Workington 1, D4 Sept 7th
Shots 2 Bradford City 1, D4 Oct 12th
Jack Howarth makes the keeper work
A crowd scene as 'Big Ron' would put it