SHOTS IN ACTION.......1971-2
Season noted for Jimmy Melia being dismissed in January, and the Shots equalling the then Football League record of 22 drawn matches in a season!
Shots 2 Workington 2, D4 August 14th
Brentford 1 Shots 1, D4 August 21st
Jimmy Melia denied a goal
Ray Dean clears at Griffin Park
Shots 0 Southend 0, D4 September 11th
Shots 1 Scunthorpe 1, D4 September 25th
Shots Ronnie Walton on a run
Harry Bennett nets Shots penalty...yup another draw
Shots 1 Southport 1, D4 September 29th
Shots 3 Darlington 0, D4 October 23rd
John Sydenham scorers as the Shots....draw
Jimmy Melia scores as the Shots manage the first home win!
Shots 4 Alvechurch 2, FA Cup 1rd November 24th
Shots 1 Barrow 1, D4 January 15th
Wingman Sydenham on a run
Murray Brodie goes close in Barrow's last visit to the Rec
Shots 0 Northampton T 2, D4 January 29th
Shots 2 Bury 2, D4 March 4th
The end for Jimmy Melia, sacked following this defeat
"Pick that one out!" Dennis Brown strikes
Shots 3 Doncaster 0, D4 April 8th
Shots 4 Stockport Co 0, D4 May 3rd
Murray Brodie gets Aldershot's third goal
John Sydenham nets the Shots fourth