SHOTS IN ACTION.......1991-2
Sad season for all Shots fans.....The end of Aldershot F.C. Wound up at the High Court in London on March 25th 1992. In truth had the Shots continued they would most likely have finished bottom of Division Four and been relegated to the Conference, and continued existence would have been doubtful. However, not many fans thought football would be back at the Rec just months later, as the newly formed Aldershot Town (1992) F.C started their first season in the Isthmian League Division Three!
Many Thanks to Photographer Stephen Parker for allowing his pictures to be used on my website
Shots 1 Rochdale 1, D4 October 4th
Shots 1 Cardiff C 2, D4 November 8th
Keith Bertchin just misses with this effort
Shots press...but its another defeat
Shots 0 Doncaster R 0, D4 September 14th

Phil Heath in action
Goaless battle of the basement two
Shots 0 Enfield T 1, FAC 1rd Nov 16th
Charlie Henry with a header attempt
Dave Puckett attacks but the Shots go out
Shots 1 Burnley 2, D4 Dec 21st
Shots 1 Walsall 1, D4 Feb 8th
Dave Puckett almost works through the Burnley defence
John Flower beats a Saddlers man to the ball
Shots 1 Walsall 1, D4 Feb 8th
Shots 1 Northampton 4, D4 March 7th
Youth player Wayne Parkes drafted in against Walsall
Charlie Henry battles
Shots 1 Northampton 4, D4 March 7th
Aldershot 0 Lincoln C 3, D4 March 14th 1992
The last Shots Football League goal scored by Tony Joyce
Cardiff C 2 Aldershot 0, D4 March 20th 1992